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About Us

Sarmaksan A.Ş was established in 1975 to manufacture in the field of food industry, feed industry and poultry, which is of interest to a wide range of people. In those years, it had a significant market and export share with its experience by establishing bread machines and complete facilities.

In those years, before the use of oily soy (fullfat) in feed factories in Turkey, 4 kg of feed was used for the FCR (feed conversion ratio) conversion of the feed. However, now this ratio is 1.5-1.7 kg of feed for 1 kg of FRC.

As Sarmaksan, we (compared to other world extruder manufacturers) manufacture extruders with high performance and strong capacity at more economical prices and as complete facilities.

Without the full fat soybean production with the extruder, the world would not be able to reach these production amounts and economic costs in chicken meat and egg production.

As a result, nowadays there is no white meat and egg deficit in Turkey. There is a surplus of production, it has reached significant export levels.

As Sarmaksan Makine Sanayi, we use the best of the material, easy to operate, working for a long time without malfunction, and the longest-lasting special alloy steel structure and special hardened materials in spare wear materials.

The extruder is an indispensable facility for the better use of soybean in animal husbandry and according to its nutritional values.

We are always ready to provide spare parts and technical information of all the facilities we have established.

Now, as Sarmaksan Makine A.Ş, we have exceeded and changed the 750 kg/hour capacity that we made for the first time.

25 kg laboratory extruder,
250-400 kg/hour,
750 kg/hour,
1250 kg/hour,
2.500 – 3.500 kg/hour,
4.500- 5.000 kg/hour,
We are establishing facilities with a capacity of 7,500 kg / hour and 10,000 kg / hour.

We are building the Fullfat extruder facility complete with sifter, hammer crusher, cooler, transfer spirals.

We use world brands electrical materials, bearings and motors in our production.
Our operating and manufacturing principle is to offer good, high quality goods and materials to the service of all people and countries under more economical conditions.


Extruder technological machine systems are indispensable technology for fish feed, cat, dog, bird (pet feed).

Fish are in the group of animals with a single stomach in terms of their digestive systems. For this reason, they are fed better than easily digestible and digestible feed with extruder technology, and the benefit of high cooked (85-90%) feed increases and because of the sterilization of the feed, other microbial contaminants except alphatoxin are cleared.

In the production with the pellet press, the firing rate is at the level of 15-25%.

In addition, we built a parrot and bird feed facility with the extruder system, which has never been done in the past year. It works flawlessly.

Our company SARMAKSAN has a PATENT since we have 32 years of manufacturing and product development experience in extruder technology.



Tel: 0 90 322 346 1023

Address: Ceyhan Yolu 5. Km. No: 271/A - Pk 01260 ADANA/TURKEY

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