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Why Pay More for Less

Extruder Company
Feed extrusion technology

Top feed companies put their trust in us for decades.

Sarmaksan provides the highest quality feed extrusion technology for less.

We are soy, extrusion, manufacturing and service experts.

We Design the Range You Need

The Process

Customer Focused

All the Capacity You Need

25 kg to 10 tons/h

Top Quality, Reliable Feed Extrusion Products at an Affordable Price

Industry Leading Service

Custom Solutions

32-Year Extrusion Plant Experience with a Customer-First Philosophy

Maintenance & Spare Parts

Always Aiming for 100%

Providing Our Customers the Know-How, Maintenance and Parts Globally

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Delivering the Top Feed Extrusion Plants 

Est. 1990

Feed Extrusion

The Trusted Address for Feed Extrusion

  • 25 kg to 10 ton hourly capacity

  • Hundreds of Happy Customers

  • Custom Expert Solutions

  • Affordable Price Point

  • Flawless End-Product

  • Warranty & Maintenance Included

  • Providing Expertise of Over 30 Years

  • Set of Spare Parts Included

How Feed Extrusion Works

Poutry Feed

The benefits of feed extrusion include the ability to create..

How Feed Extrusion Works

Poultry Feed

Pet Food

Pet food plants mainly consist of grinding, blending, cooking..

Pet Food Extrusion Steps

Pet Food

Fish Feed

Fish feed Extrusion is a process that uses a high temperature..

How Fish Feed Extrusion Works 

Fish Feed

In The Field


Reliable Spare Parts Service

Durable & Affordable Feed Extruder Parts

Global Shipment

Designed for Endurance

One Address for All Extrusion Parts

The Leading Extruder Company

33rd Anniversary

Hundreds of Happy Customers

Since 1990


We Have One Focus

The Best and Affordable Extrusion


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